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Why Silicon Valley is disconnected from European Entrepreneurs

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Every time I visit Silicon Valley – very regularly since 2005 – I recognize how little of a role Europe plays over there. The discussion order goes like this: First Silicon Valley, then the rest of the USA. Followed by China and rest of Asia. Next level is Brazil. And finally Europe. I do not dare to talk about Germany, England, CEE or Turkey in particular. Europe is in one pool – in the view of Silicon Valley. How can this be? And what has to change in Europe to overcome this?

Markafoni Video

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SEM ve Markafoni işbirliği Google tarafından küresel bir örnek haline getirildi. Aynı zamanda Markafoni Plaza’dan güzel çekimler görebilirsiniz.
The close cooperation between SEM and Markafoni was one of the global cases of Google. And you can see some nice shootings from our Markafoni Plaza

The Turkish eCommerce – “The Return of the Ottoman will be virtual”

The Turkish eCommerce is having a golden time. No idea which is not localized within a few months. Not a single investor who can afford not to invest in Turkey. Just a focus on the top 20 players in this market shows, how much the dynamics changed in the last 12 months.

In one of my last articles, I tried to summarize why I believe Turkey is one of the hottest countries in the internet space. The questions, mails, tweets and all other communication after that article was overhelming. And one of the most asked questions was about the Turkish eCommerce… This is how the story of this article started in my mind.