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Don’t be a prisoner of your Ego

Sometimes people believe that whatever they do will go well. This is a big mistake. Whenever you don’t wake up every morning in a slightly paranoid mode, the likelihood of failure is strong. Against this background, I share some own experiences and observations.

Modern zamanların gözdesi: Girişimcilik

Girişimcilik hakkında benim kafama en çok takılan soru insanların girişimci doğup doğmadığı. Ben doğmadığına, sonradan rol modelleri ile girişimci olunduğuna inanıyorum. Girişimcilik bir yaşam stili ve çekim gücü çok yüksek… İlk farkedenler gençler…

Why Silicon Valley is disconnected from European Entrepreneurs

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Every time I visit Silicon Valley – very regularly since 2005 – I recognize how little of a role Europe plays over there. The discussion order goes like this: First Silicon Valley, then the rest of the USA. Followed by China and rest of Asia. Next level is Brazil. And finally Europe. I do not dare to talk about Germany, England, CEE or Turkey in particular. Europe is in one pool – in the view of Silicon Valley. How can this be? And what has to change in Europe to overcome this?